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Chabad of Pasadena has teamed up with the Western Kosher market of Los Angeles to offer kosher food delivery to Pasadena.  We are very excited about this new partnership.  If you live in the Pasadena area (see zipcodes included below) your order will be delivered to your doorstep!!!  If you live in other areas of the San Gabriel Valley and would like to order, your order will be delivered to Chabad of Pasadena (see details below how to order).  There will be a nominal delivery fee of $7.95.

Deliveries will be bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings  The first delivery will be Wednesday, November  15th, just in time to order your Thanksgiving kosher turkey.  The next delivery will be on Wednesday, November 29th and continuing every other Wednesday.  We will be sending emails to remind the community the delivery is coming up that week.  The food will be delivered by refrigerated truck.

Order will be easy and streamlined.  Each individual will register at the Western Kosher website and put in their own order each time they want a delivery.    Western Kosher has a full running website with all their in-store items listed.  You can visit their website here, to see all the items they carry.  All items listed on the website are available for delivery (except ice-cream).  Western Kosher sells all cuts of fresh meat, cold cuts, chicken, turkey and more.  They even have a full take out department of ready made food. The prices will be the same as their in-store prices.

Orders need to be placed by 8am the morning of the delivery.  The minimum order amount is $75.00 and there is a $7.95 delivery fee per order.

This service is open to anyone in the San Gabriel Valley area.  Please spread the word.

The zipcodes included for home delivery are: 91101, 91103, 91104, 91106, 91107, 91108, 91001, 91030.   

If you live in a different zipcode, your order will be delivered to Chabad of Pasadena.  When you register on the website use your home address.  When placing an order, put the Chabad of Pasadena address in the delivery address box.
1090 East Walnut Street, Pasadena, CA 91106 
If your order is being delivered to Chabad, we will be in touch to let you know the approximate delivery time.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 

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