Hebrew: Hebrew is the language of the Jewish people and it connects us to our past. The Hebrew language and prayer unite us with a sacred commonality. Our program integrates Hebrew and prayer into each weekly session by beginning each day with communal tefillah (prayer), and with our Hebrew sessions. Our Hebrew reading program, the Aleph Champ, affords our students the ability to progress at their own pace.

Prayer: Aimed at the study and understanding of prayer and the Siddur (prayer book), focusing on the meaning of each prayer as well as some key words to remember. We want each child to be comfortable with the Siddur during services.

Holidays: Lessons on each Jewish holiday will fill the calendar as we proceed from Rosh Hashana and the High Holidays through the holiday of Shavuot. The students will have a deeper understanding of each holiday and its traditions.

Mitzvot: The children at Hebrew School will learn about many things that Jews practice and the reasons these things are done. All in a very practical hands on way.

Jewish Music & Song: Led by our teachers, the students will learn many Jewish songs connected to the lessons being taught.

JUDA art room: The students will enjoy creating many different art projects with Jewish holiday and Mitzvah themes that will add a taste of Jewish life to your home.