Chabad of Pasadena is constantly working to make more kosher food available in Pasadena. At the moment, There are NO Kosher certified Restaurants in Pasadena.

The closest Kosher restaurants, are located in North Hollywood which is a 20-30 minute drive, Pico Blvd in Los Angeles also has many Kosher restaurants.

The closest Kosher grocery stores are:

Cambridge Farms 818-506-6661 Located in North Hollywood.

Western Kosher 323-933-8283 Located in Los Angeles.

In Pasadena:

Trader Joes, carries kosher chicken and occasionally kosher meat, as well as some kosher wines.

Many of the supermarkets and grocery stores in Pasadena have a small kosher section and some kosher wines.


Chabad of Pasadena takes no responsibility for the kosher status of these establishments.